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The leading ultra-low pressure sensor solution across markets

Drone & Robotics Pressure Sensor Applications

Amphenol All Sensors serves the Drone and Robotic industry by providing advanced sensor and measurement solutions designed to meet the unique and demanding requirements of consumer, commercial, medical, military, drone, and robotic applications. 

Our sensors are used to monitor a range of critical parameters for safe and efficient operations. With our expertise in sensor design and manufacturing,  we help drone and robotic manufacturers ensure that they perform reliably and accurately even in the most challenging environments.

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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With our state-of-the-art dual pressure sensor combining both Barometric (Altitude) and Air Speed Sensing in a single PCB mountable package and sensors to detect head wind, cross axis wind, we are helping UAVs increase productivity, reduce risk, and maintain payload stability.

By integrating sensors capable of detecting headwind and cross-axis wind, this compact and efficient solution empowers UAVs to operate with enhanced productivity. The precise altitude and airspeed measurements allow for more accurate and stable flight paths, which is crucial in reducing operational risks and ensuring the safety of both the UAV and its surroundings.

Additionally, the ability to effectively counteract wind disturbances plays a pivotal role in maintaining payload stability, thus ensuring the integrity of sensitive cargo or equipment being transported. This dual functionality not only streamlines the sensor system within UAVs but also contributes to more reliable and efficient operations, catering to a wide range of applications from commercial deliveries to critical surveillance missions. 

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Robotics Pressure Sensors

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Pressure sensors in robots serve a multitude of functions enhancing their capabilities and interactions with their environment. These sensors allow robots to gauge force and pressure, enabling them to handle objects with precision, adjust their strength, and perform delicate tasks without causing damage. 

Robotic Applications enhanced by pressure sensors:
Humanoid Robots- pressure sensors simulate the human sense of touch, contributing to advanced functionalities like gripping and manipulating materials safely.
Industrial Robots- pressure sensors are essential for quality control and assembly tasks, ensuring the right amount of force is applied enhancing efficiency and reducing the risk of errors
Robots navigating challenging or unpredictable environments- pressure sensors help in obstacle detection and terrain analysis, facilitating smoother more adaptive movement. By providing detailed feedback on the surrounding environment, pressure sensors enable robots to navigate more smoothly and adaptively, overcoming physical challenges and enhancing their overall performance and reliability. 

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Unmanned Ground Vehicles

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Our pressure sensors in UGVs are crucial for a range of functionalities that are indispensable in today's Advanced Applications, including:

  • Navigating diverse environments
  • Obstacle detection
  • Maintaining stability through varied terrains

All Sensors enable UGVs to adapt to different environmental conditions, enhancing their operational efficiency and safety in applications such as military operations, search and rescue missions, and autonomous transportation.

By integrating our advanced pressure sensors into UGVs, we are setting a new standard for their capabilities, opening up new possibilities for their use in critical, life-saving, and innovative applications.

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Unmanned Maritime Vehicles

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Our advanced pressure sensors are designed to monitor critical underwater environmental conditions, providing accurate measurements of depth and water pressure.

They play a key role in the navigation and stability of the vehicle, enabling precise operations in diverse Marine Applications such as:
Oceanographic data collection- where accurate depth and pressure readings are crucial for gathering reliable scientific data
Underwater exploration- our sensors empower vehicles to navigate challenging terrains, uncovering the mysteries of the deep sea with greater precision and safety
Surveillance of military and commercial underwater sites- the precision ensures these vehicles can perform detailed inspections and monitoring tasks, crucial for security and maintenance purposes

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