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The leading ultra-low pressure sensor solution across markets

Defense Pressure Sensor Applications

Amphenol All Sensors serves the Defense Industry by providing durable pressure sensors with high accuracy for the most complex applications.

In the challenging environments of defense operations, pressure sensors are critical for changing altitude, depth, environment, and weather conditions. The ability of ultra-low pressure sensors to endure extreme conditions, including wide temperature ranges and high impact makes them an essential component in defense technology by contributing to the safety, accuracy, and effectiveness of defense operations. 

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Weapon Systems

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All Sensors pressure sensors are integrated into weaponry, such as missile guidance, propulsion systems, and depth controls where precise pressure measurements are crucial for trajectory, airspeed, altitude, and stability.

By providing highly accurate and ultra-low pressure sensing measurements, these sensors play a pivotal role in the functioning and effectiveness of various weapon systems, contributing to their precision, safety, and overall operational success.

Pressure Sensor Weaponry System Applications:
Missile Guidance- our sensors provide precise pressure measurements vital for achieving the flightpath and accuracy 
Propulsion Systems- pressure sensors contribute to the fine-tuning of thrust and velocity, thereby enhancing the overall performance and control of the weapon
Depth Controls- torpedoes or underwater drones can accurately gauge and respond to pressure changes with pressure sensors to maintain the correct depth and stability

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Land and Naval Vessels

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In naval applications, both manned and unmanned, the pressure sensing capabilities provided by All Sensors are proving to be indispensable.

For Submarines, our sensors play a critical role in ensuring operational safety and effectiveness. By monitoring hull integrity and internal pressure levels, any potential issues that could compromise the vessel's structural integrity can be detected. The data provided by our sensors is crucial for the management of ballast systems, to precisely control buoyancy and depth needed for the maneuverability in underwater operations.

Surface Ships rely on pressure sensing solutions to monitor environmental conditions (onboard weather stations), propulsion systems, and pressurized hulls as well as the effectiveness of damage control systems in the event of a
hull breach. They provide rapid and accurate data that can be the difference between a successful containment of damage and a catastrophic failure

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Ground Vehicles

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In manned ground vehicles, our sensors are extensively used to monitor environmental conditions, which is vital for both engine performance and passenger safety. By playing a critical role in the filtration and airflow systems, the engine operates at peak efficiency while also safeguarding the vehicle's interior from harmful external pollutants.

Our advanced pressure sensors in Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) are crucial for a range of functionalities, including navigation, obstacle detection, and maintaining stability on varied terrains. This adaptability is essential in enhancing the UGVs' operational efficiency and safety, particularly in specialized applications like military operations, search and rescue missions, and autonomous transportation

All Sensors enable all vehicles to adapt to different environmental conditions, enhancing their operational efficiency and safety in applications such as military operations, search and rescue missions, and autonomous transportation.


Aircraft and Aerospace

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All Sensors pressure sensing solutions are used extensively in the aerospace industry, particularly to enhance the performance and safety of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).  These provide continuous monitoring of pressurized systems, cabin airflow, and altitude monitoring accuracy.

With our state-of-the-art dual pressure sensor combining both Barometric (Altitude) and Air Speed Sensing in a single PCB mountable package, and sensors to detect head wind, cross axis wind, we are helping UAVs increase productivity, reduce risk, and maintain payload stability.

Our dual pressure sensor technology ensures that UAVs can operate more reliably, safely, and effectively, making them suited for a wide range of applications, from commercial logistics to high-stakes military operations.

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