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New: AUAV Dual Airspeed and Altitude Pressure Sensor

AUAV Press Release


**Amphenol All Sensors Introduces Revolutionary Dual Airspeed and Altitude AUAV Pressure Sensor**

Morgan Hill, CA – [March 13, 2024] – Amphenol All Sensors Corporation, a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality MEMS piezoresistive ultra-low pressure sensors, announce the launch of its latest innovation: the AUAV Series of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Pressure Sensors. This innovative sensor is specifically designed to provide high accuracy, dual airspeed and altitude pressure sensing in a single printed circuit board mount package.  This significant advancement not only combines two (2) sensors in a single package but reduces overall size resulting in payload capacity improvement for size and weight restricted unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology.

The sensor is the result of rigorous research and development efforts aimed at meeting the demanding requirements of both commercial and defense UAV applications.
Leveraging the extensive expertise in advanced sensing technologies, the AUAV Pressure Sensor offers state-of-the-art performance and reliability. Both Sensing elements are digitally compensated and provide Low power digital I2C outputs and unique serialized addressing for self-test, predictive monitoring and redundant safety requirements where needed.

Key Features and Benefits:

- Dual Functionality: The AUAV Pressure Sensor uniquely combines airspeed and altitude measurement capabilities in a single compact unit, offering exceptional efficiency, accuracy and stability
- High Precision: Utilizing MEMS piezoresistive technology, the sensor ensures high-precision data for critical UAV navigation and control systems.
- Robust Design: Engineered for durability, the AUAV Pressure Sensor withstands harsh environmental conditions, ensuring reliable performance in diverse operational contexts.
- Sustainability and Safety: In line with Amphenol's commitment to quality, safety, and environmental protection, the AUAV Pressure Sensor is designed with sustainable materials and practices, ensuring minimal environmental impact while maintaining the highest safety standards.
- Unique serialized addressing for self-test, predictive monitoring and redundant safety requirements where needed.

"Amphenol All Sensors continues to push the boundaries of sensor technology with the introduction of the AUAV Pressure Sensor," said Dale Dauenhauer, General Manager at Amphenol All Sensors. "This product underscores our dedication to innovation and our commitment to providing our customers with advanced, reliable, and sustainable sensing solutions."

**About Amphenol All Sensors Corporation:**

Amphenol All Sensors Corporation is a leading manufacturer of MEMS piezoresitive ultra-low pressure sensors and pressure transducers. With a focus on quality, safety, and environmental sustainability, Amphenol All Sensors provides innovative solutions across a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, industrial, and healthcare. As part of the Amphenol Advanced Sensors family, All Sensors continues to develop technologies that create value and provide critical information for real-time decisions.

**Contact Information:**

Amphenol All Sensors Corporation 
16035 Vineyard Boulevard 
Morgan Hill, CA 95037 
Lois Haggerty-Wirth

All Sensors


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