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AABP Series Release: A Leadless Miniature Package Pressure Sensor

Amphenol All Sensors Corporation Proudly Announces the Release of its Latest Product Line


Morgan Hill, CA [March 25, 2024] – Amphenol All Sensors Corporation, a global leader in the design and manufacture of MEMS piezoresistive pressure sensors, proudly announces the release of its latest product line, the AABP Series: a leadless miniature package pressure sensor. The AABP series embodies All Sensors’ dedication to enduring product support and a stable supply chain, safeguarding our customers’ investments in product design. For those seeking a pressure sensing solution for their new designs, redesign or those seeking to transition from an abandoned competitor solution, our new AABP family offers a design
compatible drop-in replacement alternative. The AABP offers outstanding quality without a compromise in performance.

Key Features and Benefits:
 Innovative Piezoresistive Silicon Technology: The AABP Series is in a miniature (8mm x 7mm) leadless chip carrier package, offering a compact solution without sacrificing performance. This makes it ideally suited for a variety of applications, from
industrial process controls and medical devices to HVAC control systems, automotive pressure sensing, and consumer electronics.
 Analog Amplified Output or Digital Output (I2C or SPI): The AABP series offers options for either analog amplified output for traditional systems or digital output for modern, smart systems, ensuring compatibility across a wide range of applications. With calibrated accuracy of less than 0.25% Full Scale Span (FSS) and a Total Error Band (TEB) of less than 1.5% FSS, these sensors offer exceptional precision and stability, enhancing system performance across the product's entire operating pressure range.
 Stable Supply Chain and Long-term Product Support: Amphenol All Sensors is renowned for its stable supply chain, guaranteeing the continuous availability of its products. This reliability enables customers to integrate and maintain the AABP sensors in their systems with confidence, ensuring long-term, uninterrupted operation.
 Parylene Coating for Harsh Environment Protection: An optional feature for the AABP, the Parylene coating offers robust media isolation, protecting against harsh environmental conditions without compromising sensor performance. This molecular- level coating surpasses traditional options, providing exceptional durability and reliability in demanding applications.

“At Amphenol All Sensors, we provide our customers with solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible, back by a stable supply chain and comprehensive support. The AABP Series is not just a product; it is our promise to deliver quality, performance, and innovation in every sensor,” said Dale Dauenhauer, General Manager at Amphenol All Sensors.

**About Amphenol All Sensors Corporation **
Amphenol All Sensors Corporation is a leading manufacturer of MEMS piezoresistive ultra-low pressure sensors and pressure transducers. With a focus on quality, safety, and environmental sustainability, Amphenol All Sensors provides innovative solutions across a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, industrial, and healthcare. As part of the Amphenol Advanced Sensors family, All Sensors continues to develop technologies that create value and provide critical information for real-time decisions.

**Contact Information: **
Amphenol All Sensors Corporation
16035 Vineyard Boulevard
Morgan Hill, CA 95037
Lois Haggerty-Wirth
Email: lwirth@allsensors.com
Website: www.allsensors.com

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