Pressure Sensors for Ventilators


COVID-19 Respiratory Ventilators: With over a decade as a supplier of pressure sensors to leading ventilator and respiratory manufacturers around the world, Amphenol All Sensors is rapidly responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Pressure sensors are critical components in the ventilators that provide necessary breathing assistance to patients battling COVID-19.  


As shown in Figure 1, a mixture of air and oxygen is delivered into the patient’s lungs via a tube placed into the patient’s mouth, nose or windpipe. Relatively low pressure (typically 10 cm H20) is monitored during this process to properly inflate the lungs when delivering air to the patient. It is imperative that the ventilator manufacturers utilize high quality pressure sensors (transducers) like the Amphenol All Sensors components in their products to assure proper performance and reliability. 



All Sensors Respiratory Sensors  HOT LIST

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ACPC H-Grade

ADCA Series

ADCX Series

AXCA Series

BLC Series

BLVR Series

DLC Series

DLHR Series

DLV Series

DLVR Series

MDCX Series

MLDX Series

MLV Series

Medical Breathing Special


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