Working Pressure

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Working Pressure

Numerous applications rely on pressure to work properly. The specific working or operating pressure may vary greatly between applications and it often must be maintained within a reasonably narrow window for optimum performance or to stay within a safe range or below a maximum value for safety. Working properly versus improperly and even under abnormal conditions has implications as well for pressure.

For pressure vessels, especially those in industrial applications, the terms maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP), and design pressure are used. The design pressure is determined from its maximum operating pressure (MOP) which is typically increased by some margin to handle potential pressure surges. In contrast, MAWP is the maximum pressure at which the vessel or equipment is allowed to function at a specific temperature and, in some cases, is determined by design codes.

Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) is another pressure limit, usually established by a government body, that is less than the MAWP. To be safe, the pressure could be monitored in the application to alert an operator or execute an automatic shutdown if an unsafe condition is reached.Operating Pressure Diagram

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