Water Pressure: Can You Dig It? Can You Dig with It?

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Water Pressure: Can You Dig It? Can You Dig with It?

With a horizontal water pressure drill you can. For example, a water drill kit from one company enables horizontal boring under driveways or parking lots for a distance up to 50 ft. The kit includes a 3-inch water drill bit, swivel adapter, swivel assembly and a horizontal drill key.

Water Drilling Kit with 3” Bit - Little Beaver Store

Water drilling kit with 3” bit. Image source: Little Beaver Store.

Simple connecting the water swivel to a garden hose and some extra ¾” Schedule 80 water pipe enables a homeowner or worker to trench a path for running electrical wires or plumbing under the ground. In addition, it can simplify digging holes for a lamp post or plants. The water pressure from the home, typically between 40 to 60 PSI, provides sufficient force for water to do the digging.

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