Pressure and Aging Wine

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Pressure and Aging Wine

If you think that aging wine in a wine cellar is the only or even the best way, you would be wrong. A Spanish winery in the Basque Country of northern Spain submerges wine bottles underwater in its aging process. To do this, sealed crates containing hundreds of bottles of wine are lowered into the sea from the boat using a small crane. When the process was initially dismissed as a marketing gimmick, the winemaker invited established Spanish winemakers to a blind taste test to compare underwater vs. land-based aging and the underwater units rated higher. In addition to maturing in total darkness in temperatures between 54 and 65°F with the rocking motion from the sea, underwater pressure is also attributed to the improved taste. The land-based aging process is about 14.7 psi (atmospheric pressure at sea level), but in an underwater process, the pressure increases by one atmosphere for every 33 feet below the surface.

Crusoe Treasure - Underwater Aged Wine Bottles

After aging 18 months underwater, wine bottles appear as sunken treasures when they are brought to the surface.
(Source: Crusoe Treasure.)

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