Emergency Pressure for Tires

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Emergency Pressure for Tires

One of the few things worse than finding a flat tire on your car in the morning, is finding a flat tire after you have traveled to your destination. At home you might have a tire pump to inflate the tire and if the leak wasn’t too bad, you could drive to a location where the tire could be changed and repaired. Having a readily available source of pressure stored in your vehicle was not a viable option for most people.

With the Airmoto or one of its portable lightweight air compressor competitors, that situation has changed. Specifically, the AirMoto unit with package dimensions of 7.01 x 3.86 x 2.05 inches, weighs only 1.2 lbs. Capable of providing up to 120 psi to inflate most tires from cars to bicycles to trucks, the lithium battery powered unit can inflate a car tire in about 8 minutes. To allow the user to wait somewhere comfortable while the tire is inflating, the digital pressure gauge (displaying units in psi, bars, kPA or Kg/cm2) is set to the desired value (maximum value of 120 psi) and the pump turns off when that pressure is reached. At a price of $69 (or less for some competitive models), it is now easy and affordable to have emergency pressure available at all times.

AirMoto Portable Air Compressor

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