Pressure for Emergencies

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Pressure for Emergencies

Safely evacuating a building in emergency situations can be accomplished with the pressure stored in compressed air containers. An inflatable escape chute allows people trapped in locations up to four stories high to easily slide to the ground. With the proper pressure in the canister, the slide can be fully inflated in less than 6 seconds. The safety system is reasonably obscure when not in use, but a manual inside activation of the pressurized container brings the system to life. The system strictly uses pressure to ensure operation even during power failure situations.

Slide to Safety - SlideImages courtesy of Slide to Safety

With the sensors that are embedded in each unit, an operator can remotely monitor the air pressure in the tank to ensure that it is within correct limits and can also determine if tampering has occurred.

Manufactured by Slide to Safety, the company’s Rapid Evacuation System (RES) was developed after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. However, it has potential applications in colleges, universities, commercial offices, residences, apartment buildings, motels and hotels, hospitals, government facilities or any multi-storied building.

Slide to Safety - Rapid Evacuation System

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