Pressure Measurements for Comfort

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Pressure Measurements for Comfort

Pressure normally implies some level of discomfort. However, if the right amount of pressure is applied and not exceeded, a comfortable fit can be ensured. With this design goal in mind, companies have used pressure measurements to provide comfortable products from grip strength to earmuffs, headbands and headsets. In fact, one company makes test systems specifically for head applications.

Headsets and hearing protection need a comfortable fit so they can be worn for extended periods of time, especially in a work environment. The TactileHead pressure measurement and mapping system quantifies pressures exerted on the head from wearable head products such as these. Sensor measurements from the curved area around the ear of the mannequin head are compared to those from a sensor mounted to a flat plate on the other side of the head. With this controlled comparison, visualization and acquisition software can display the data and perform real-time analysis for evaluating the fit and comfort of an end product.

Full scale range for the pressure measurements is 2 Psi and the minimum detectable pressure for each sensor element is 28 Pa, or 0.004 psi. The system is calibrated in units of pressure (i.e., psi or N/cm²) and calculates force values (F=P*A) using the known area of the sensor element.

TactileHead customizable pressure measurement and mapping system

The TactileHead customizable pressure measurement and mapping system.
Image source: Pressure Profile Systems, Inc.

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