Pressure in HVAC Systems

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Pressure in HVAC Systems

While addressing COVID-19 health issues and getting back to normal, one of the major concerns, especially for education, is acceptable ventilation.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, one of the leading conferences in this area, the Michigan Industrial Ventilation Conference, will not be held this year. In its place, a series of webinars facilitated by conference instructors will cover the fundamentals of industrial ventilation.

As noted in the seminar description for the first of the these webinars that will start March 3, pressure, as  well as temperature, elevation, and moisture content impacts an airstream’s density and density factor.

Another webinar will specifically address difficult testing situations and detail selection methods for providing the most accurate representation of pressure and airflow possible. Yet another will cover techniques and equipment for monitoring industrial ventilation systems to ensure that the system operates properly.

Those interested in more information on alternatives being offered to the 2021 conference should click here.

All Sensors Corporation MAMP Series P1NS Package

Those who are interested in accurate pressure sensors in the low-pressure range to detect clogged filters and airflow in HVAC systems should consider All Sensors MAMP Series of calibrated amplified output that can address 5 to 120 cmH2O measurements.

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