Water Cooler Pressures

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Water Cooler Pressures

A water dispenser that cools as well as heats water is a welcome addition in a home or office.  When the replaceable water storage unit is mounted at the bottom of the cabinet, it eliminates the hassle of lifting a heavy container. However, the bottom loader requires pumping water up rather than using gravity to dispense water. Simply transferring water from the bottom of the container to the dispensing valves, a distance of about 4 feet, would require a pump to generate at least 1.7 psi, so a 5-psi pump may be all that is required. Since the unit delivers chilled water, a refrigeration unit is part of the design. The high-pressure side of the compressor is 1.6 Mpa (232 psig) and the low-pressure side is .62 Mpa (90 psig). In contrast, these pressures are considerably lower than an air conditioning compressor such as a Samsung split system/ heat pump that is 3.1 Mpa (448 psig) and 1.6 Mpa (236 psig). It is interesting to note the significant differences in pressures required for a functioning water cooler.

Primo Water Corporation - Bottom Loading Water Cooler

A bottom loading water cooler
Image source: Primo Water Corporation

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