Correct Pressures for Medical Procedures

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Correct Pressures for Medical Procedures

Gas control, medical control systems, air compressors and vacuum pumps are all possible equipment used in a medical or even a veterinary office. In all of these systems, monitoring and controlling the pressure is necessary to achieve the proper, efficient and safe values.

Patton's Medical gas control panel for nitrogenThe Patton’s Medical gas control panel for nitrogen clearly shows the supply (95 psi) and outlet (82 psi) pressures.

While gages are commonly used so medical personnel can easily observe the pressures during a procedure, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensors could easily be installed behind the panel and then communicate the data to a local or remote monitoring station. With digital data, warnings can be implemented and archived data can be used to show that proper levels of critical elements, such as oxygen, were maintained during an operation.

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