Pressure Sensing Floor Mats

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Pressure Sensing Floor Mats

One of the problems that healthcare workers can encounter is a patient unexpectedly leaving their bed or their room. One possible solution is a pressure sensing floor mat placed next to a bed or in a doorway to monitor when a resident gets up or leaves their room. For example, a 24-inch x 48-inch pressure sensing mat by Smart Caregiver works with wireless and cordless fall prevention monitors. The sensor mats or pads typically need at least 35 lbs. of weight applied for the product to monitor a patient and alert a caregiver. Material inside the pads is layered with a silver lining. With pressure applied, the layers are compressed. Then, when pressure is removed, the layers separate causing the system to alarm. The same technique is used in a cordless chair sensor pad in a 10-inch x 15-inch format. While this design uses a pressure switch, one with a pressure sensor could provide a variable sensing point or actual weight to distinguish between adults and small children.

Pressure Sensing Mat by Smart Caregiver

The 24-inch x 48-inch pressure sensing mat by Smart Caregiver.

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