Pressure Readings Aplenty in a Fire Truck

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Pressure Readings Aplenty in a Fire Truck

If you are coming to the rescue in a fire truck, you need to bring several pressure gauges. A recent trip to the local fire department brought this point home.

Firetruck Pressure Gauges

Two large pressure gauges in the upper left-hand corner for the supply line show the intake water pressure from a fire hydrant and output (master discharge pressure) from the pump on the vehicle and have a maximum reading capability of 400 psi. The next row shows the readings from seven valve-controlled stations that are monitored for their ability to respond when necessary. Note that the gauges are color coded to allow easy identification of a specific zone.

Analog gauges are easy to read and convenient for a fire fighter controlling the valves. However, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) pressure sensors with digital readouts and ability to transmit those reading to another monitoring location could provide additional benefits to the fire fighters and the fire control process.

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