Pressure on a Front-Loading Washing Machine Seal

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Pressure on a Front-Loading Washing Machine Seal

Unlike a top load washing machine, a front-load washer has a door boot, a flexible bellows-like seal, to prevents leaks. So, how much pressure can it withstand? Too much detergent can produce an excessive amount of soap bubbles or suds. Without answering the question, it turns out that the better response is you don’t want to find out, so use less detergent and avoid the problem.

High efficiency (HE) washing machines, like front loaders, are designed to use less HE detergent specially formulated with suds suppressors to prevent the machine from over-sudsing. In some washers, when the use of too much soap is detected by either a pressure switch (or sensor) or by the motor control unit sensing a suds-lock condition (by analyzing the current draw on the drive motor), a SUD error code flashes. Usually, just letting the machine rest to allow the bubbles to dissolve is the recommended response for the user. However, the error can also be caused by an obstructed drain that can require a repairman to resolve. The solution remains: use less detergent and avoid the problem.

Front-Load Washing MachineSource: Diego Cervo/Shutterstock

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