Pressure for Clean Windows

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Pressure for Clean Windows

Cleaning the glass windows at ground level for a multistory building is a little more complicated than the usual window cleaning task that most people hate. While much safer and less complex than rigs that clean high-rise buildings, as much as a 40-foot piping or pole system is required to reach windows in a four-story building from ground level but over 70-foot long poles are available. In most cases, the extended length consists of smaller sections pre-assembled at the building site for each operation but in some instances, a telescoping technique is used, at least for the last section.

With the water being pumped up several feet, a significant pressure drop can occur. For a 40-ft length pole, 17.3 psi is lost with 21.6 psi dropped at 50 feet and a 30.3 psi drop at 70 feet. As part of the water supply, water is pre-filtered. It then goes through a pressurized tank with a sand-like resin, so normal residential or commercial water pressure is increased.

Water-Fed Pole Cleaning System

While the poles in a water-fed pole cleaning system are made of lightweight carbon fiber, it still takes some strength and balance to do the job.

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