Vacuum-Sealed Culinary Preservation and Preparation

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Vacuum-Sealed Culinary Preservation and Preparation

Vacuum sealing protects and preserves food and other perishable products. Both edge-style and chamber-style vacuum sealers are used for this process.  With chamber-style vacuum sealers, the negative pressures in the chamber and inside the bag are nearly always the same. These vacuum sealers also enable special culinary techniques including vacuum-compression or vacuum-infusion.

The vacuum sealing process simply consists of placing the food inside the chamber and closing the lid. Reducing the pressure to 5–50 mbar and then sealing the bag produces a tightly sealed package for most solid foods. A vacuum level of 50 millibars removes about 95% of the atmosphere and at 5 millibars about 99.5% of the air inside the chamber and packing is gone.

A unit like the VacMaster PRO350 Professional Vacuum Sealer has a control panel with pre-set vacuum settings and a digital display of the vacuum level for easy operation. In contrast, the VacMaster VP320 Counter Top Commercial Chamber Vacuum Sealer has a gauge to provide visual feedback to the operator.

VacMaster PRO350 Professional Vacuum SealerVacMaster VP320 Counter Top Commercial Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Note the digital display (a)  and mechanical gauge (b) on these chamber-style vacuum sealers. Source: VacMaster.

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