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January 26, 2018

All Sensors Corporation has one open position available as listed below:


1. Sensor Design & Development Engineer


     Job Responsibilities:

  • Research, design, and develop new products and works to improve the performance and efficiency of existing products.



  • Minimum BSEE with 4-5 years of relevant experience with design of Analog & Digital pressure sensors OR BSCS 4-5 years with some hardware experience
  • Proficient with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015/2017 specifically using C# or VB.NET languages
    • Proficiency with VB 6 is a plus
  • Education or experience in control systems
  • Knowledge of sensors and electronics
  • Experience with Analog and Digital circuit design for piezoresistive pressure sensors
  • Proficient project management skills
  • Proficient verbal and written communication skills for customer interaction
  • Knowledge of pressure sensor manufacturing & testing practices, including but not limited to wire bonding
  • Mechanical design experience a plus
  • PCB layout experience, preferably with Eagle software
  • Experience with IT admin or support would be useful, as a minor plus
  • Experience with embedded system MCU programming is a plus


Please note that these positions will initially be temporary for a probationary period.  Employment status will be reviewed after the probation period and continuation of employment is contingent upon performance. At the time of review, employment can be made into a regular position. If the position is made regular,company benefits will be offered.


Please submit resume for employment opportunity via email. If you do not have a resume, please send an email to to obtain an electronic copy of employment application.


Joyce Lee

Director of Human Resources and Accounting
All Sensors Corporation

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