Pressure for a Relaxing (and Safe) Experience

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Pressure for a Relaxing (and Safe) Experience

Traveling in a floating hotel, otherwise known as a cruise ship. can be a great way to relax and even experience some great adventures. However, things can happen to destroy what could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This includes a problem such as lack of water to any of the passenger’s cabins that is not resolved in a reasonable amount of time. Also, that same or possibly separate water supply needs to be available to provide water for the sprinkling system in the event that a fire should break out. As shown in this picture, the cruise ship designer makes it easy for maintenance people and others responsible for the safety systems on the ship to easily inspect the water supply system in various locations on the ship – so easy that even passengers can monitor the system themselves. However, for those locations to be remotely monitored, instead of a mechanical gauge, a sensor with an electrical output is required. Such a sensor would allow monitoring of numerous remote locations from the bridge without requiring anyone to go and inspect the gauges.

Cruise Ship Sprinkler System

With similar readings of 2.5 bar, the sprinkler system in Station 42 is OK.

In some marine sprinkler systems, a pressurized tank with a minimum of 4.5 bar is maintained for the highest level sprinkler. For any of these designs, one of All Sensors SPA 402 Series Pressure Sensors would provide a good solution for remote monitoring.

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