Pressure Sensing and the Internet of Things

Welcome to All Sensors “Put the Pressure on Us” blog. This blog brings out pressure sensor aspects in a variety of applications inspired by headlines, consumer and industry requirements, market research, government activities and you. In this blog we’ll discuss the importance of sensing as a driving force for the Internet of Things.

Pressure Sensing and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is certainly a hot topic these days. Sensing is among the driving forces for the IoT, Cloud, Smart Factories and many other popular terms for highly connected networks since the data from combinations of different types of sensors and distributed sensors provides entirely new functionality and performance capabilities. Pressure is among the sensing data required for the new levels of connectivity in consumer electronics, medical, industrial and other applications.

Among the added challenges for these advanced systems are: the need for digitized data, handling the added amount of information, decisions of local (sensor node/sensor hub) versus remote computing, added software/algorithms, and communicating the measured data to the internet.

For a supplier focused strictly on the pressure sensor measurement, this means enlisting and utilizing the support of expertise in other technology areas and referring customers to these experts.

Sources for IoT Design Support:

Embedded computing

Software/algorithms/sensor fusion

Wireless communications

Wired communications

Development platforms

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