Grease is the Word

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Grease is the Word

“I solve my problems and I’ll see the light.” Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees

You certainly can solve and prevent excessive wear problems by applying grease to maintenance points in many vehicles and moving industrial equipment in a timely manner. One of the easiest grease techniques is through Zerk fittings. Applying the grease requires either a manual or automatic grease gun that can generate sufficient pressure to make the grease flow into the fitting. The amount of pressure depends upon the viscosity of the grease, size of the opening and temperature of the grease.

SAE Grease FittingSource: SAE Products

Typical vehicle applications can have many fittings locations and use one or a variety of fittings. For a typical 1/8″ NPT fitting, a 3k psi rating is not uncommon and some are even rated around 6k psi.

For wellhead applications, high-pressure grease fittings with 9/16″ Autoclave style threads target 20,000 psi service and those with a Blowdown Fitting Style with 1/2” NPT target 10,000 psi service.

In any case, at these pressures, the entire flow path must be able to survive the maximum pressure expected in the specific application. This includes the gun itself, and any hose, connectors and relief valves. As in many cases, while the component’s capability is designed-in, it must be verified at some point by actual pressure testing.

High Pressure Valve Lubrication Gun

While not applicable for the complete range of these high-pressure tests, All Sensors’ CPA 602 Series media isolated ceramic amplified pressure sensors can address pressure measurements up to 6000 psi.

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